Dr. Gabriele Reinert-Schneider

Dr. Gabriele Reinert-Schneider - Expertise

Restoring the value of „lost assets“ is the main objective of Assets Wanted.

An example can be seen in the following:
A group of companies has been amalgamated successfully. Each time a takeover has taken place the accounting systems have been adjusted in terms of the dominant company. In the process the asset recording systems of that company have become corporate culture, in terms of description and hierarchy.
In the course of this departure from the old systems on the one side and standardization on the other, assets get lost. The asset investigators are able to locate these lost assets and restore their value to the company. How does it work?

The asset investigators find and ascertain the status quo of company assets. In this process they locate for instance

high value tools

which are not listed in the accounting systems. In order to find lost assets they do not rely on the asset registers of the company, but only on their techniques to physically identify missing assets. They work completely independently of the company's systems.

Loss of value

By arriving at the true position, the process may result in the opposite of restoring value — there may be loss of value. The asset investigators find that assets no longer exist but insurances, licences and other fees are still being paid.

The counter to this is that assets which are not listed are not covered by insurance.