Dr. Gabriele Reinert-Schneider

Dr. Gabriele Reinert-Schneider - Unique Achievement

Assets Wanted provides a unique selling proposition in its market. Why?

Assets Wanted can apply its unique methodology within the scope of due diligence audits, adding real value to this important process. The asset investigators do not look for claimed assets and claimed values as shown in the company's asset registers. They look for and find assets physically that are outside the company's systems. After locating the assets, external experts submit the recovered values to a rating valuation process.

The result - a transparent asset structure.

The asset investigators identify corporate structures as well as company administration structures. They locate the right points of contact and partners - local or hierarchical - to obtain badly needed information for the process of investigation to find assets.

Where it is not possible to make a physical investigation, asset investigators obtain the information by specialised direct interviews.

They know how to drive through to reach a conclusion.